Kah'moni Richardson, Staff Accountant

Kah’moni Richardson

Staff Accountant

Kah’moni joined Pinnacle Holding Company in 2023 as a Staff Accountant. Prior to joining Pinnacle, she worked in cash management for Aspen Dental. Kah’moni is a very passionate and driven individual who will work hard to achieve her goals. She’s always loved math – except for geometry and calculus in high school, is a people person, and loves putting a smile on people’s faces. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Onondaga Community College in 2017 and continued her studies in Atlanta where she began to pursue her dream of modeling. Kah’moni has worked in many different areas from retail and e-commerce sales to medical billing and banking. In her free time, she enjoys traveling (mostly to warmer climates), modeling, and spending time with her family.