Split14 Creative Named Creative Services Team of the Year for Pinnacle in the 2024 TITAN Women in Business Awards

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Syracuse, NY | April 16, 2024 – The International Awards Associate (IAA), together with the TITAN Women in Business Awards are proud to announce that Split14 Creative has won the Silver Award in the Creative Services Team of the Year in Season 1, being honored for their remarkable accomplishments in the vast business industry. The competition aims to build a platform that stimulates the growth of female communities while rewarding their benchmarks with honor and prestige, as a means to further publicize these achievements.

In just a single season, the award has managed to attract hundreds of powerful submissions coming in from various countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and beyond. Split14 promoted their extraordinary achievements globally to business sectors worldwide, accomplishing great success for their grand titles for this year.

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“As a women-founded and women-run creative team, we are honored to win in the Creative Services Team of the Year category,” says Split14 Chief of Strategy, Liz Bartlett. “Our focus has always been on supporting Pinnacle and empowering their financial advisors with exceptional marketing strategies. This award not only celebrates our creative excellence but also reinforces our commitment to innovation and effectiveness in all we do.”

“We are deeply honored to celebrate these exceptional winners, whose impact transcends their respective industries. Through their visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, they are not only setting new standards but also inspiring others to reach greater heights. Their remarkable achievements stand as a testament to their outstanding abilities, leaving a lasting impression on the esteemed Grand Jurors of TITAN,” expressed Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA.

Grand Jury Panel
Committed to fairness and diversity, the TITAN Women In Business Awards has invited an esteemed panel of judges, consisting of professionals from notable organizations. This year’s panel features esteemed individuals like Maria Afroditi Patsi (Greece), Wasim Fathima Shah (United States), Alice Jasmine Crippa (United States), Liliana Farinha (Portugal), Tirtha Chavan (United States), and many others. Their expertise ensures that selections were made following an intensive evaluation, focusing on the nominees’ significant achievements, their profound impact on their sectors, and their invaluable contributions to the wider community.

“Today, we honor the winners of TITAN, whose remarkable success within the TITAN community underscores their unwavering dedication to achieving global recognition,” remarked Thomas. “Their achievements serve as a clear indication that success in business knows no bounds, inspiring others to strive for excellence and become exemplary models of success.”

About TITAN Women In Business Awards
The TITAN Women In Business Awards program recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates women with outstanding achievements, displaying personal calibers of confidence, optimism, ambition and integrity in the ever-expansive business industry. The award extends welcoming arms to symbols of female accomplishments, advocates of SMEs or large organizations, and all who represent the female community across every industry within the market.